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To protect the health and safety of our guests and crew onboard, MSC Cruises has taken a series of precautionary actions since 24 January across its fleet with respect to the novel coronavirus that originated in China. While there are no cases of coronavirus on board any of MSC Cruises’ ships these measures are additional steps to secure the health and well-being of all guests and crew.


Guests who are embarking on a cruise are requested to take the following into account:


  • Anyone who has travelled to, from or through Chinese mainland, Hong Kong or Macau in the past 30 days, or visited or transited via airports, will be denied access to the ship. The same rules apply to such passengers’ travel companions (parent, spouse, child, siblings, or a companion who shares a cabin);


  • Passengers with signs or symptoms of illness such as fever (≥38 C°/100.4 F°) or feverishness, chills, cough or difficulty breathing will be denied embarkation. The same rules apply to their travel companions;


  • Anyone who, within 14 days before embarkation, has had close contact with, or helped care for, anyone suspected or diagnosed as having coronavirus, or who is currently subject to health monitoring for possible exposure to novel coronavirus, will be denied boarding;


  • MSC Cruises will continue to conduct preboarding screening necessary to effectuate these preventative measures;


  • Passengers with a Chinese passport who have not travelled from or through Chinese mainland, Hong Kong or Macau in the past 30 days, and who are in good health, can access the ship. However, authorities in certain countries are temporarily not allowing holders of a Chinese passport to travel into their territories. At the date of publishing, holders of Chinese passports are not allowed to travel into: Singapore, Malaysian ports and Thailand. Please note this list may change based on future government regulations;


Guests who are restricted by any of the above measures are requested to contact their travel agent or the MSC Cruises contact centre number at the top of this page.


Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in China, MSC Cruises has been closely monitoring the public health and safety situation in each of the regions its ships sail. The company has been consulting with international and local health authorities to follow their advice and recommendations.


For more information please download the full screening procedures infographic.




31 JANUARY 2020


Dear embarking guest, please note that if you have traveled from or visited Chinese mainland, Hong Kong or Macau over the 30 days prior to your embarkation date, or have fever (≥38 C°/100.4 F°) or symptoms of illness we will unfortunately be unable to allow you on board our ship. This is a precautionary measure that we have taken to protect our guests and crew in connection with the corona virus situation.