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Mindelo: a Creole bridge between Africa and Europe

An oasis between Africa and Europe, a mix of cultures and traditions, evocative and fascinating sounds and heavenly colours, will transport you into this spectacular landscape of Macaronesia, among its people and sea. Its rhythm will captivate your soul, and you won't be able to resist it!

Expect a lot from Green Cape, a volcanic archipelago 500 km from the north-west coast of Africa, where the Creole culture and African wisdom mix with the Portuguese heritage, turning this land into a bridge connecting the two continents. An MSC World Cruise will open the doors of this remarkable island amidst absolutely picturesque landscapes. 
It was the Italian Antonio de Noli who discovered these islands during exploration and described them as "uninhabited but luxuriant in vegetation". On an MSC Excursion, you will be able to explore Mindelo, located on the island of São Vicente, within the group of Barlavento Islands, distributed between the sea and the mountains. The city, situated within a bay in one of the volcanic craters, where beaches have formed, today hosts many tourist sites.
The cosmopolitan atmosphere of this city, the multitude of meeting places, lively clubs and streets and the climate that is always very pleasant, make Mindelo very appealing to visit on an MSC Excursion. Its unforgettable scenery in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, makes it something quite special, like a priceless gem among pebbles. So enjoy some of the essential points of interest, such as the municipal market, with its exotic fruits, spices and essences giving off unforgettable fragrances. You can also explore the People's Palace, formerly the Government Palace, the City Hall, the Cultural Centre and the Café Royal.
On Mindelo's seafront, on Avenida Marginal near the fish market, on an MSC Excursion you can discover a miniature copy of the famous Belém Tower in Lisbon. Completed in 1937, and recently restored with the support of Portugal, it has now become the headquarters of the Museu do Mar, an interactive way to experience the history of the island and its fishing tradition. The three floors of the tower display rare ocean species, including maritime finds from previous centuries' British fleets, images of 19th-century whale hunting, huge elephant tusks and a collection of uncapped two-hundred-year-old bottles of wine found after the shipwreck of the Princess Louisa in 1743.

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