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The City of the Eight Rivers

Ochos Rios means eight rivers in Spanish, and it precisely its rivers, as well as its crystalline sea, that are its main characteristics; characteristics that will not disappoint visitors to Jamaica wishing to immerse themselves in the lush vegetation of these marvellous dream locations.

Just like a mirage, the white buildings of Ochos Rios seems to appear unexpectedly from lush vegetation covering the coast. On Main Street, you will be able to shop or pass your day on solid ground. However, during your MSC Caribbean cruise, we suggest you try the many outdoor activities offered on its rivers, such as kayaking and tubing. With an MSC excursion, you will be able to admire the Konoko Gardens and Museum: an explosion of tropical plant and animal life with different aromas emanating from sinuously shaped flowers and colourful parrots at every corner.  Another must-see attraction are the waterfalls along the Dunn River: almost 200 metres of natural steps over which the water flows to then fall about 60 metres directly into the sea. To enjoy this spectacle to the fullest, these enchanting waterfalls can be climbed via stairs set on either side. The beach below with its extremely fine, pure white sand is equally beautiful. The sea of Ochos Rios will also grant you the opportunity of a close encounter with a very popular sea mammal: the dolphin.

An excursion will take you to Turtle Beach, hidden among almond and palm trees: if you look towards the blue horizon, you will see Dolphin Cove, where the dolphins love to pass their time. A must-go for adventure lovers is a safari in a Jeep 4x4: an exhilarating itinerary in a completely wild and uncontaminated setting.  

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