Xiamen Cruise

Amoy for the English

The city of Xiamen is situated in the Fujian province, opposite the island of Taiwan and called "Amoy" by the English, it is one of the stops on the MSC cruise on the discovery of the Orient.
Port and industrial centre of remarkable importance, this Chinese city is in effect an island connected to the mainland by a 5 kilometre bridge and it offers many opportunities for discovering the culture of this immense and densely populated state. Its climate is mild in winter, and, being subject to Monsoons, its summers are humid and warm, with the characteristic rainy season.

You will be able to appreciate the many facets of Xiamen, a destination that is still relatively unexplored by mass tourism and this makes it even more interesting and less contaminated by globalisation. You cannot miss the island of Gulangyu, once a western district, today reachable only by boat and totally pedestrianised. Strolling through its streets, you will be able to catch sight of its characteristic buildings and it won't be hard

Cruises from / to Xiamen in 2024

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