A glorious history
Speicherstadt, the Warehouse Town
St. Michael's Church!

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A cosmopolitan point of view

Located between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, Hamburg will fascinate you from the moment you first set eyes on its elegant and austere buildings looking onto the port, one of the largest in Europe.
When you reach this destination on an MSC Cruise of Northern Europe, you can get a taste of its glorious history. Hamburg is a cosmopolitan, wealthy and fashionable city, with an aggressive economy, that still prides itself of the title “free Hanseatic city”.

It has, in fact, never cut its umbilical cord with maritime trade that has its heart in the port where your cruise liner will be waiting for you. Many tourist come here to visit the Reeperbahn, the red light district, but if you want to take in the atmosphere of the city, you shouldn’t miss an excursion to Speicherstadt (Warehouse Town), where the cobbled streets, gables and turrets combine to make the area on the other side of Zollkanal (Tax Canal) a world apart from the city opposite.

Another city icon, St Michaelis, at the western edge of the city centre by Ludwig-Erhard-Strasse, is Hamburg’s iconic church and no wonder. More than any other building, the “Michael” mirrors the city’s irrepressible spirit. Burned down after a lightning strike in1750, it was rebuilt in Baroque style under Ernst Georg Sonnin but it again accidently caught fire in1906.

In 1945, the Allies obliterated the roof and decor of church number three. Reconstructed again to Sonnin’s plans, it is now the finest Baroque church in North Germany. Probably the most gratifying attraction during an excursion on an MSC Cruise is the scenery you can admire from one of the best views over Hamburg: the 360-degree panorama takes in Speicherstadt, the container port and shipping on the Elbe, the Alster lakes, and the five spires of the churches and Rathaus.

Must see places in Hamburg

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Port of Hamburg

This section contains information on how to reach the port.

Cruise Terminal:

Cruise Center Steinwerder Buchheisterstraße 16 (Buchheisterstr. 12 for GPS), 20457 Hamburg, Germany

Reach the port by

  • Car

    Hamburg: the ship will berth at new Pier Steinwerder. Hamburg Cruise Center Steinwerder – Kronprinzenkai, Buchheisterstrasse 16, 20457 Hamburg (for navigation systems: Buchheisterstrasse 12). When you arrive at Hamburg Cruise Center Steinwerder enter the parking lot “A” by pulling a parking ticket.

    From the A1/A255/A252/B4/B75:
    After/before the Elbbrücken (Billhorner Brückenstraße) take the exit towards Freihafen/HafenCity (Holiday Inn Hotel). Continue on Zweibrückenstraße, turn right into Freihafenelbbrücken. Continue on Am Moldauhafen, Am Saalehafen and Veddeler Damm. Turn right into Reiherdamm. At the second junction turn left into Buchheisterstraße – follow the road to the end.

    From the A7:
    Take the exit towards Waltershof. Continue on Finkenwerder Straße towards Köhlbrandbrücke. Head towards Roßdamm and turn left into Reiherdamm. At the second junction turn left into Buchheisterstraße – follow the road to the end. You’ve reached your destination.

    From the A24:
    Drive along the A24 in a northwesterly direction until you reach the roundabout, travelling straight ahead down the Sievekingsallee. Follow the signs for the city centre until reaching Bürgerweide, turning left at the sign for Bürgerweide / B75. Continue on the road for about three kilometers and exit "Veddel”. Keep right and then turn left into "Prielstraße”. Drive along the railway and take a right turn at the end of the road to cross the next tunnel. On the other side turn left and continue on the road. Stick to the right and remain on the road for three kilometers, you will now already see the ship. Take the right lane for turning right onto “Reiherdamm” and on the other side of the bridge turn left onto Buchheisterstraße. Continue to the round traffic and take the second exit.


    Parking Information

    HAMBURG - Parking at terminal
    Cruise Center Steinwerder, Buchheisterstraße 16 (Buchheisterstr. 12 for GPS), 20457 Hamburg, Germany
    Tel. +49 40 42847 4978 (only operational during ship calls at Steinwerder)
    • When approaching the terminal please drive your car through the left gates signing for “Parkplatz A”, collect your park ticket at the entrance and choose a free parking space. After dropping off your luggage please proceed to “Einsatzzentrale Parken“, show your pre-booking document/confirmation and your parking ticket. Your ticket will be re-coded now – please keep this ticket with you all the time. You will need it again when leaving the terminal. After this you can go to the Cruise Terminal for embarkation process. Your parking special fee will be charged to your personal cabin account. At the end of your cruise, after disembarkation and collection of luggage, please proceed directly to your car and drive to the exit. Please insert your parking ticket at the gate and leave the terminal premises. Kindly note that this operation is not related to the other parkings which presupposes the Shuttle service.
    Zweibrückenstrasse 13a 20539 Hamburg
    Tel. +49 40 22 81 5525
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    Car/Suv (7 seats)/VAN (9 seats) 8 € 99
    Car/Suv (7 seats)/VAN (9 seats) 11 € 114
    Car/Suv (7 seats)/VAN (9 seats) 12 € 119
    Car/Suv (7 seats)/VAN (9 seats) 13 € 124
    Car/Suv (7 seats)/VAN (9 seats) 15 € 135

    * Please note that no mobile home campers or cars with trailer allowed.


    Car/Suv (7 seats)/VAN (9 seats) 8 € 89
    Car/Suv (7 seats)/VAN (9 seats) 11 € 119
    Car/Suv (7 seats)/VAN (9 seats) 12 € 119
    Car/Suv (7 seats)/VAN (9 seats) 13 € 129
    Car/Suv (7 seats)/VAN (9 seats) 15 € 129
    Mobile home camper 8 € 119
    Mobile home camper 11 € 139
    Mobile home camper 12 € 139
    Mobile home camper 13 € 149
    Mobile home camper 15 € 149
  • Plane

    In addition to a taxi rank, there is a suburban train service between the airport and Hamburg central station. If you have organised your flight yourselves, don’t worry MSC Cruises can still arrange an individual airport transfer for you, booking through your travel agent.


On the routes of the Hanseatic League
On the routes of the Hanseatic League

Nowadays a holiday to northern Germany will take you to visit a region of bucolic charm.

Notwithstanding the Land’s capital Kiel, a brusque, working port, it is free of urban development, its gentle Baltic coast notched by fjords, its west coast wind-blown and wild, and everywhere canopied by colour-washed skyscapes that have long captivated many an artist’s imagination. Even Lübeck wears its history lightly. Sure, the one-time city-state has a tale as rich and complex as any plotline by its local son, Thomas Mann. Yet at the core of its appeal is nothing more complicated than one of the most enigmatic old towns in Germany, with a heritage and sense of cultural worth handed down from centuries at the head of the Hanseatic League.

Once you’ve ticked off the cultural heavyweights of Hamburg and Lübeck, a holiday to Schleswig-Holstein during your MSC Northern Europe cruise – with Schleswig’s fine beaches and marram-grass dunes, candy-striped lighthouses, commercial ports on deep fjords, and changeable weather, and Holstein’s distinctly Nordic feel – will be one of pure natural wonder.