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Tips for a happy cruising holiday with your little ones

We’re waiting for you with open arms!

You’ll feel completely at home with endless opportunities to relax and be entertained. We’re all here, on board, ready to make your holiday the most relaxing and exciting you could imagine.

Your little boy or girl is about to start a fantastic voyage and we’re ready to welcome them on board, taking the utmost care of them and showering them with attention, to make this holiday as good for them as it will be for you!


We have put our hearts and souls into planning every detail of the cruise for your little ones. Because at MSC Cruises we too are parents, aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers…

We’ve designed it for your children, for children all over the world, as if they were our own.
We asked the Osservatorio Chicco, Baby Research Center, to partner with MSC to offer you a holiday that is “tailormade for babies”.
But we know that mums and dads are entitled to a holiday too, and a cruise on our fabulous, welcoming ships, offers this in more ways than one

Osservatorio Statistico Chicco

Playing in a Protected Area

  • MSC Baby Time

    Mum and dad, we’re waiting for you and your child at the Baby Club which is reserved for our youngest guests (under 3 years old) for hours and hours during the day, allowing them to play with you and other children of their own age from many different countries. In the meantime, you can make friends with other parents holidaying with their children. You can enjoy the Mini Club, a dedicated facility for young children, with your child at these times:

    SHIP DOCKED: Morning: 8:00-10:00 / Afternoon: 16:00-18:00 / Evening: 20:00-21:00
    SEA DAYS: Morning: 8:00-10:00 / Evening: 20:00-21:00


  • NEW! MSC Baby Care Service

    MSC has thought about mums and dads too, offering you the opportunity to drop your children off at the Baby Club* where they will be looked after by qualified and dedicated staff who will let them play.
    Subject to prior booking, limited availability, for children between 1 and 3 years old (not inclusive).
    Available at the following times, exclusively when the ship is sailing: between 13:00 and 14:00 and between 18:00 and 19:00.
    Completion of a registration form is required. Ask the Kids Club staff once you’re on board


    *Please note MSC Babycare (dedicated to babies and toddlers under 3 years old) will temporarily be unavailable onboard our ships.

  • Activities with Chicco Toys
    You’ll find the most modern, fun and educational toys, chosen for you by the Osservatorio Chicco, Baby Research Center. Activities include:

    Let’s speak English: let’s play in English with Chicco bilingual toys
    Rhythm and music: playing with music is such fun
    Mini Olympic Games: start by crawling and then...
    Meet our mascot Dorebaby
Play Areas | MSC Cruises and Chicco

New Tasty Delights

  • Children's menu
    For older children, you’ll find a wide selection of dishes on the “Children’s Menu” to help your child learn to explore tastes, flavours and colours like a real “baby gourmet”. Varied and colourful menus, with a special selection of healthy and tasty dishes to keep our youngest guests happy. Every day, the smell of fresh bread baked in our on-board bakery will waft past you.


    You’ll find the best pizza at sea, cooked to perfection with top quality ingredients! All together at the table, enjoying the happiness that food brings and with no time limits, as the Buffet is open 20 hours a day.
  • And for your babies?
    Bottle warmers are available in specific places on all our ships: contact Reception – Guest Service for information once you’re on board.
    If your baby is being weaned, all you need to bring is your child’s favourite baby food. Pasta soup, chicken breast and thin grilled steak, ham, cheese and desserts are available in the restaurant every day.
  • Baby chef
    Cooking is fun as well: Baby Chef, for 2-to-3-year olds. A dedicated area for them to get messy in the kitchen during the highly successful Doremi Chef event.
    Just think: supervised by the Chef and their parents, the kids will prepare a tasty pizza! Doesn’t that sound great?
Tasty Delights | MSC Cruises and Chicco

Naps and Cuddles

  • The bedtime routine
    Being able to sleep in a cot beside peaceful and relaxed parents helps children remain calm, because they can sense their comforting presence and surrender to sleep more easily.
    (Osservatorio Chicco - Baby research center)
  • Naps
    If you haven’t travelled on a cruise with us before, you will be amazed by our cabins – real hotel rooms – because of their incredible comfort and well-organised space. Whichever type you choose – Balcony cabin, Ocean View cabin, Inside cabin – you’ll find the same facilities and service.
  • Leave the cuddles to us!
    Every member of our crew smiling and helpful, will put their heart into looking after you. You can turn to them for anything you need and you’ll find them ready to make your wishes come true. And, at last, mum you can stop thinking about everything as usual and treat yourself to some valuable “me time”. Discovering the real luxury of having time to yourself!
Naps and Cuddles | MSC Cruises and Chicco

MSC & Chicco Brochure

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Produced in collaboration with Chicco.


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