December 2021


The MSC Foundation Annual Report is out! You can now read all about the progress in the many programmes supported by your generosity in almost 70 colour pages rich in facts, figures and testimonials.


In it, you can follow the progress of our pioneering coral restoration programme in The Bahamas, learning how it was supported by an awareness-raising campaign that reached millions of Super Bowl enthusiasts and achieved over 18 million social media engagements. You can discover how the Foundation enabled the creation of Africa’s first ever factory to make bricks from recycled plastic as part of an innovative programme with UNICEF in Ivory Coast. And you can see how we maintained strong support for each of our long-term partner programmes, even in the unpredictable disruption of the pandemic, offering all the flexibility the exceptional circumstances required.


But perhaps the year’s greatest achievement is that, alongside all this, the Foundation launched over 20 emergency relief initiatives, from actions to support communities struck by disasters to interventions to combat and mitigate the impact of COVID-19. Reaching almost 153,000 direct beneficiaries in 22 countries around the world through these actions, the MSC Foundation demonstrated a global emergency response capability that is exceptional among philanthropic organizations worldwide.


Total emergency response and programme direct beneficiaries came to over 183,500 in the year.


As MSC Foundation Executive Director Daniela Picco comments in her Opening Remarks to the Report: “Those are achievements to be proud of at any time, but even more so during an unprecedented pandemic in what was only our second operational year.


We look forward to doing more and better in the years to come, our resolve strengthened by a year of achievement amid the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, and the lessons we have learnt in response.


Read the full MSC Foundation Annual Report 2020 here.