La Possession

Circus of Salazie’s luxuriant life
Le Corbusier-style buildings in the forest 
Two active volcanoes in the Piton de la Fournaise

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La Possession

An exclusive destination

Cruise ships rarely visit the port of La Possession, on the splendid Punta des Galets. This makes it one of the most unique stops of an MSC cruise to Southern Africa. As soon as you disembark, you can head off on an excursion to the so-called Circus of Salazie, the remains of an enormous volcanic caldera located a few kilometres from La Possession.

Instead of geysers of lava, extinguished centuries ago, you will find an explosion of life, where marvels of nature live side by side with small towns scattered throughout a lush forest. The view you will enjoy as you ascend along the windy road is indescribable. However, not all of the fire has gone out. In the Piton de la Fournaise, you can still admire two active volcano craters, the Dolomieu and the Bory, which filled with lava in 2007.

During your holiday with MSC Cruises, another excursion offered by MSC will introduce you to Saint-Denis and its impressive examples of Creole architecture. Its houses, a product of the woodworking skills of the local boat builders going back to the 1800s, stand side by side with the bold architectural works of the 20th century.

In Saint-Denis, the Central Post Office, which is reminiscent of some Algerian cities, and the unique building housing the Department of Agriculture and Forestry are worth a visit; both were designed by Jean Bossu, a student of Le Corbusier. Don’t miss out on the markets of Saint-Denis, where you will be able to find spices, vegetables, fruit, flowers, the famous smoked meat boucané and a wide variety of local craftworks, such as vases, baskets and pestles for preparing the rougail, a condiment served with cari, a dish typical of the island.

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    St. Denis is the capital city and the largest town of overseas French colonies. Sightseeing bus tour passing by the Prefecture (formerly the East India Company building), the charming Creole houses (external viewing) in Rue de Paris with their shady verandas, the Christian Cathedral, the Hindu temples (external viewing). Visit to the State Gardens and the Natural History Museum. Free time to stroll around. Head to the colorful local market where handicrafts products, scents and spices are displayed on stalls: keep ready to bargain with the local vendors! Please note: we suggest wearing comfortable shoes, a hat and sunscreen. Limited number of guides in languages other than English or French. Should a tour guide for your language be unavailable, the tour will be in English or French only.

Utflyktsprogram och rutter kan ändras beroende på lokala förhållanden och/eller oförutsedda händelser med hänsyn till tidpunkten för utflykten. Information om utflykterna uppdateras löpande på webbsidan men vi reserverar oss för ändringar i programmen. Detaljerat program finns alltid att tillgå på fartyget. Vissa utflykter är mycket populära och därför kan tillgängligheten inte alltid garanteras. Observera att vi endast garanterar engelskspråkig guide. Guidade turer på andra språk än engelska beror på vilka guider som finns tillgängliga. Information om tillgängliga språk för guidade turer kommer att bekräftas ombord under kryssningen. Du rekommenderas att boka din utflykt i förväg. Barnpriser på utflykter gäller för barn upp till 13 år.


A harmonious multi-cultural society
A harmonious multi-cultural society

A journey to Réunion, an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean which has belonged to France since 1643, will bring you face to face with a wonderful variety of cultures which live together in complete harmony.

Asian cuisine and Creole markets, Buddhist and Tamil temples, Muslim and Christian religious functions all co-exist in Réunion, and complement each other. 

Out of a total of 2500 sq km, 1000 are protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Here, nature expresses its full potential in a land which goes from pure white tropical beaches, to mountain peaks which exceed 3000 metres in height, like Piton de Neige

As you will discover on your cruise to Réunion you can take a walk along recently solidified lava and discover dream beaches like Ermitage beach with its white sands and water protected by the coral reef. 

The magnificence of the tropical forests can be experienced at their best at the heart of the island in one of its numerous “cirques”, great mountainous rings which were formed after the collapse of ancient volcanoes. 

A cruise on MSC South Africa will give you the opportunity in Réunion to go trekking, snorkelling, diving and go on excursions in areas of active volcanoes. Finally don't miss the local markets, there is one in every city on the island.